Events at PCL have never been better!


The PCSA are now able to offer a student night EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! All the club nights are listed below and it is easier than ever to get your exclusive PCL ticket. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose your event

  2. Click follow 'Pearson College' on the Fatsoma page

  3. Purchase your tickets

  4. and enjoy...​​

2019-01-27 (2).png
2019-01-22 (2).png
2018-11-24 (2).png
2019-01-22 (4).png
2019-01-22 (5).png

Upcoming Events

Be sure to check the charities as we support and host events for a wide range of charities. Che4ck the charities page for more information! 

Charity Events!


Be sure to check out the event photos from last year organised by last year's PCSA.

We are determined to uphold this standard of quality so expect many more events to be announced soon...

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