Peer to Peer Mentorship Scheme

The PCSA are excited to announce the launch of our Student Peer-to-Peer Group Mentoring Scheme, which is designed specifically to support new first year students. If you are a first year student at Pearson College London and would like advice and support from 2nd and 3rd year students to help you settle into uni life and reduce the stress this can sometimes cause, then sign up today. 


How you’ll benefit from joining this mentoring scheme:

  • Attend three small-group mentoring sessions run by 2nd and 3rd year students; all participating mentors have been selected and trained for the role

  • Ask questions that you might not necessarily feel comfortable asking tutors, e.g. “How did you manage your university work as well as a part time job?” or “How did you manage living on your own for the first time?”

  • Listen to other students’ questions and the responses during the group sessions and join in the conversation to help your peers

  • Attend a workshop at the start of the programme which will help you understand how to get the most out of being mentored

  • Have access to a ‘MentorYou’ app throughout the programme, enabling you to connect with the mentors for advice and support outside of the group mentoring sessions 


If you believe this could benefit you, please sign up! Please note that by signing up you are committing to attend all of the following Group Mentoring Sessions:

  •  Tuesday 8th October, 5-7pm (includes a workshop about the benefits of mentoring and how to use the MentorYou app from 5-6pm) 

  • Tuesday 12th November, 5-7pm

  • Tuesday 4th February, 5-7pm  


The event details are:
Dates: Tuesday 8th October 2019, Tuesday 12th November 2019 and Tuesday 4th February 2020.


Location: Pearson College London, 190HH. The first session on 8th October will commence with a workshop (The benefits of mentoring) in room 2.8/2.9. Rooms for group mentoring sessions to be advised after booking.


Time: 5pm-7pm on each date. 

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